The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth

Hot off the press

This is scorching hot off the press.

Everyone at THT have been very excited this week as we have been counting down the days and hours  to the big reveal. You may have seen some of the hints and teasers on our social media channels over recent days but this morning we officially welcomed  our newest team member. We are proud to unveil our latest engagement vehicle complete with fully THT branded trailer.

This new head turner not only gives the team more flexibility to meet with our wonderful supporters but also allows THT message to be seen by even more people.

Sergeant Olly Tayler says, “within the first few minutes of driving the vehicle it was already attracting plenty of attention. THT prides itself on the getting its lifesaving messages out there through the use of the evocative animal heads. The new vehicle is a wonderful tool for spreading THT messages far and wide.”

So, look out for THT vehicle on a road near you very soon.