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Learner Driver Training

It is essential that when learning to drive a pupil must follow a structured learning programmed-At IAN KINGDON’S DRIVER TRAINING you will be given Structured Tuition following a logical sequence according to the DSA syllabus.

Help and Advice on theory training will be given free of charge, including the supply of Free Theory Mock Test papers if required.

All of IAN KINGDON’S Driving Instructors are licensed and Regulated by the DSA and will give you continuous feedback on your progress and guidance on when to apply for your tests

We would generally recommend a two hours driving lesson once a week as the best way to make good progress. (Substantial savings can be made in training time required by taking two hours driving lessons)
By paying for blocks of driving lessons in advance you will be eligible for discounts on our basic lesson prices. Gifts Vouchers are also available for any occasion.

Helping a Learner:
It takes on average 12 months of training to become a driving instructor, so it makes sense to learn with a DSA driving instructor to make sure that the correct syllabus is followed. It can also help to have some private practice with a friend or relative to make sure you follow up all the things you learn in your lessons. The Driving Standards Agency say that a learner on average takes 46 hours of tuition with 22 hours of private practice*.

*Source: Driving standards agency website June 2005.
The saying that Practice makes perfect” still holds true today especially when learning to drive. A good driver will have a mixture of knowledge, judgment and manipulative skills. For a learner to achieve these good instruction, and plenty of it is the official recommendation you will receive from the Driving Standards Agency
On today’s busy roads new drivers cannot afford to learn in a haphazard way. Statistics show more than 95% of all learners will have learnt to drive with a professional Driving Instructor, with good reasons for doing so.
No matter how good a driver you think a relative or friend is they will probably  not have the experience or patience needed to teach. Driving instructors are trained to teach They are professional and will have the experience to know when you are ready for the driving test. Where a friend or family member can help ,under the instructors guidance, will be in adding extra practice between lessons.

For most learners the principal skills needed for driving can be learnt relatively quickly, what takes time will be the development of the learners ability to make judgments and decisions in traffic. For this a proper system of training is not only essential it’s a must! Not only will a structured system make you a better driver it will save you time and money.
1. How many lessons are taken each week –
Taking more than one lesson a week normally means less lessons

2. Does the learner have previous driving experience –
Have you ridden a motorbike? It can help with road sense

3. Whether extra practice is taken outside of lessons –
Will you drive with a family member between lessons

4. The quickness in remembering what has been taught –
Will you read books on driving to improve your driving

5. The age of the learner at the time of taking lessons –
From 17 the sooner

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