Driving with your partner ‘increases’ accident risk

Driving with your partner ‘increases’ accident risk

Drivers are happier, more confident and focused when driving by themselves according to research released today by Allianz Insurance.

The research found that the presence of a ‘significant other’ almost quadruples a drivers’ likelihood of feeling stressed or anxious behind the wheel, a potentially dangerous combination.

Having their partner in the car makes drivers feel twice as rushed, which reduces the chance of them feeling calm and relaxed by nearly 65%. Allianz Insurance says this increases the risk of having an accident.

In fact drivers told Allianz Insurance that the addition of any passenger increases their stress levels, and the top five passengers most likely to cause driver stress are:

1. Partner
2. Other people’s children
3. Own children
4. Parents
5. Other family members

Jon Dye, CEO of Allianz Insurance, said: “The tales of back seat drivers and in-car arguments we’re all so familiar with, cause stress and distraction when drivers should be feeling calm and focused.

“It’s important that motorists and their partners are aware of the risks a stressful environment in a vehicle can create.”

When it comes to where drivers feel most stressed it is city centres (18%). In contrast the calmest drivers (52%) can be found on Britain’s country roads.

Commuting to and from work (15%), driving to appointments such as visiting the doctor (15%) and driving children to school (11%) are when drivers feel most rushed.