Skid Pan

Skid Pan


FACT: More than 90% of road traffic accidents are caused by driver error!

Research has shown that the majority of drivers on UK roads do not have the skill necessary to control a skid and thus avoid an accident.

There is no substitute for ‘hands-on’ experience in a safe and controlled. You will gain the necessary skills which will enable you to react correctly should you ever encounter these hazards on the road.

“Learn how to tackle extreme driving challenges with our skid control course on our skid pan 

Knowing how to drive in slippery conditions is serious stuff, but learning can be a lot of fun too. Our skid pan course is designed to simulate wet and icy road conditions.  Our skid control driving experiences make ideal gifts for drivers with a full driving licence.  Let our ADI driving instructors teach you all about skid control in a controlled skid environment.

 Experience what a skid feels like and learn how to stay in complete control

Learn handling and advanced driving skills on our skid pan which simulates loss of traction, aquaplaning and driving on icy and slippery road conditions in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  The course starts with a safety briefing in briefing room which has excellent viewing area for spectators. 

Our training will teach you the skills necessary to detect problems earlier and then take the appropriate action to control your vehicle in slippery and adverse driving conditions. We are not in the business of teaching you to skid, but  through our teaching methods we ensure you have a better understanding of how to detect earlier the elements that will cause a skid.