Holiday and Traffic Delays - Keeping your Cool

Holiday and Traffic Delays - Keeping your Cool

Holiday and Traffic Delays – Keeping your Cool

•Travelling during the holiday season can be challenging- especially if you have a deadline to meet. Plan your route to take into account delays.

•If you do get stuck in traffic and it is safe to do so, make a call to your destination and inform them that you are delayed – try not to give a revised arrival time, instead inform them of where you are and that you will get there as soon as you can. This will prevent you getting stressed if the traffic is worse that you anticipated.

•Be aware of vehicles towing caravans, remember that towed vehicles are less stable than you may think and are twice as long as a single vehicle – ensure that you plan any overtaking carefully and give yourself and the towed vehicle plenty of room.

•If you are travelling with the family, try to ensure that you can look after their needs without too much disruption. Have drinks and snacks within their reach and a few games up your sleeve should you get stuck in traffic.

•If you are taking your vehicle abroad, ensure that you know the rules of the road for the countries that you will be visiting. There may be a requirement to carry additional equipment or documentation and on the spot fines are often imposed. Check your insurance and breakdown cover to see that it extends overseas.

•If your vehicle has air-conditioning and it is hot and stuffy, use it. However if you are going to be stationary for a long time, it is often more pleasant to open the windows and have some fresh air.